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TechTropes is intended to be guided by two separate imperatives.

1) Write about my interests.

2) Write stuff that is useful to other people.

The writing resources therefore, are the main way that I feel that I can usefully provide something for other people in a consistent enough way that I should be able to accumulate a body of material here that is worth the effort for others to seek out.

I’m a scientist, I’m comfortable with technology and I’m comfortable with explaining it. But, probably more usefully, I think I’m comfortable with stories, at least, comfortable enough to realize that they are not the same thing as technical manuals.

I want to talk about the future, but I don’t just want to talk about how it works, but why, and when you should care about that, about how much it weighs, and what it smells like, and, yes, exactly how many innocent bystanders it can explode.

So I’m going to talk about science, but I’m also going to talk about narrative significance, and genre conventions, and the willing suspension of disbelief.

There are going to be a lot of articles here about a lot of different things, because I’m interested in a wide variety of subjects. Digital media and technology will be the overarching theme, but there is going to be a wide range of travelling within those borders, or even outside them, if it seems to make sense.

These articles are going to represent nothing more than my desire to talk about stuff that interests, me, or even stuff that I think I’m probably wrong about.

There will be resources here, outside of the writing ones. I’m going to be starting out with the data analysis and stats guide that I really wanted to find when I was a grad student, but there isn’t going to be as consistent a theme to them.

So, if you like this stuff then come back for more articles, tell all your friends, and I will keep writing it. If you want me to write about a specific subject, then let me know and I will do my best.

You can subscribe to the categories separately, if you just want the writing resources, or the articles, but I aim to make everything here as accessible as possible to my whole audience.

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