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General resources

Mission statement – Why I started this blog, Talking a bit about Science Fiction and why the Fiction part is always going to be more important than the Science part.

Merging Science and Fiction – A discussion of where science fiction tends to go wrong.

10 tips for writing hard science fiction – Some tips for writing and researching hard Sci-Fi.

10 tips for writing soft science fiction – Soft doesn’t mean easy!

Other people’s resources – Some of the best technical writing links on the interwebs.


Common Tropes

Building a better alien invasion – that most epic of tropes, how to make the end of your world a bit less stupid.



The laser – first in our Death Rays 101 series. How lasers work, how you can use them in stories.


Biology and medicine

How to shoot your characters – Useful knowledge for any writer, whatever the genre.

Poisoning – A crash course in poisoning, venoms, toxins and antidotes.

Poisons – Choose your poison, 5 different substances to fit 5 different narrative needs.

Interactions between alien and terrestrial biology – Xenobiology 101.

Heroic interventions – What modern medicine can do in the face of seriously weird shit.

The writer’s guide to genetics – useful stuff to know before you invoke DNA to explain anything.




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