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In the unlikely event that anyone is following this blog, they may have noticed that updates have been somewhat erratic. At present I am very much engaged in job hunting,  this is occupying a lot of time, and obviously has to take priority over everything else.

I am hopeful that I can get things settled down into a more normal schedule at some point in the immediate future, but until that happens I’d prefer not to get too carried away with filler content to the point of drowning out the writing resources that I’m intending to be the main focus of the site. My interest in the site is not waning, and I will still be updating the site as often as possible, it’s just that the updates are unlikely to adhere to a rigid schedule.

My plan for this website has always involved the long haul, and I hope that my readers can have some patience.

I would very much welcome any feedback that people can give. It’s easier for me to justify devoting time to the site right now, if you can give me some reassurance that people are actually finding useful content here. Conversely if people aren’t finding the site helpful, then I need to know that, especially if you can offer constructive suggestions as to how to improve things.


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  • By Michi, February 28, 2012 @ 2:44 pm

    I am probably not your target audience, because I write fantasy, not science fiction, but I still think your site is super useful. I think you do a great job of pointing out where the hooks in the technology are, which is something I don’t always see, even though I am a scientist by day as well.

    That said, all of your posts are huge, epic, monstrosities, which is cool and awesome, but I think you could stand to bite off a little less at a time. Instead of explaining ALL OF SCIENCE in one post, I think it would be okay if you picked something much more specific. Perhaps you could write about something that’s in the science news lately, like memory erasure: ( Then, you could walk us through the implications a little bit, and those posts wouldn’t have to be so long.

    Or, you could just break down your Writer’s Guide To This Field Of Science posts into smaller chunks. Instead of taking on all of Physics, for instance, or even all of thermal physics, you could do a post on a molecular view of heat, a post on thermal gradients, a post on heat exchange, a post about thermal conductivity, and then maybe tie them all together with a big post later after you were done. [example chosen because I happen to know a lot about thermodynamics, not because anybody would want to read these articles]

    TL;DR: please don’t stop doing your epic guides, because those are awesome! But if they’re burning you out, or if you don’t have time, you could break them down more without sacrificing any of their usefulness.

    Good luck with the job hunt!

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