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An update on what’s happening with the site, and a request for any feedback that people would be kind enough to offer.


Stats 5 – Power to the people, why large groups are just better

In today’s stats article we take a look at sample size, variance, confidence, and normality. More fun than it sounds… Granted that’s not a high bar to get over.


Stats 4 – Assumptions, the root of all applicable evil

Today on “Stats” – Talking about data, and assumptions, otherwise known as “that stuff you’d already screwed up before you did the maths”


Stats 3 – That stuff you hated in school

Today in our ongoing series of article talking about stats and data analysis. The classic homework favorites, mean, median and mode. Ever wanted to know why you had to learn about these in school? Yeah, I got nothing, either.


Stats 2 – What are statistics, and what did they ever do for me?

Asking the questions, why stats are important, and why you need to learn about this stuff?


Stats 1 – An astonishingly useful guide to data analysis for people that don’t like maths

A somewhat concise guide to everything you probably realized you need to know about stats but were insufficiently motivated to find out about until you really had to.


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