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  • By Rosie, January 21, 2016 @ 1:05 pm

    I’m writing a scene where a teenager is shot in the abdomen with a small caliber bullet (either ,22 or .25). This bullet would end up piercing the liver, which would cause a lot of bleeding. Would the bleeding be mostly internal? Or would there be a large bloodstain on the ground?

    The this character receives medical attention as fast as they can. But in an ambulance in about 8 minutes en route to a hospital about 15 minutes away (just based off how close I am to a hospital). What are the chances of my character dying before arriving. I’m intent on this character surviving though not without a very, very close brush with death. What would be the most realistic time frame for receiving care at a hospital, but nearly dying. And what would be the estimated recovery time for this type of injury?

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